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Check out all the happenings here at BDSWHATNEXT.COM in our blog section below. You’ll find important announcements, key updates and much more. Take a look and check back often to never miss a beat.

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Confused post BDS?

BDSWHATNEXT is not just a website but a one stop consultancy centre meant to solve all your queries that are filled with a sense of anxiety and fear. At BDSWHATNEXT we aim to provide all the necessary information required by a young dentist like you , who is at the peak of confusion and dilemma of choosing the right career path post BDS.

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You would think why should you spend your time at BDSWHATNEXT. Well your question is totally valid. You may get a plethora of information available on the internet but while choosing your next career path after BDS, a humanistic touch that is required is generally absent. Here at BDSWHATNEXT we aim to provide you with holistic knowledge about your prospective career before you step out in this absolutely ruthless world outside your college premises.

Check back often to stay in the loop! And reach out with any questions.


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"If opportunity doesnt knock,build a door”


Knowledge for Every Level

Online Workshop

Career Analysis

Our aim is not just to guide you to your desired career but to get you absolutely ready for whatever course you decide to do. In this respect we aim to provide pshychometric tests that will gauge your preparedness for the course.

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Personalised Virtual Counselling

At BDSWHATNEXT our aim is to provide you with personalised career counselling that meets the requirement of your needs. A virtual workshop will be first conducted according to your career interests that shall make you familiar with the in and out of your career prospects.

Adult Students

Preparatory Course

In today's scenario one has to accept  that there is a cut throat competition in every field. It is therefore imperative that you prepare yourself beforehand. For this reason at BDSWHATNEXT we strive to connect you with the best preparatory  organisations of your industry. So that when the opportunity comes you strike hard.

Our Services

Plans and Pricing

Premium Membership: 

1. Choose 2 Courses of your choice and seek unlimited personalised guidance for 7 days

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Truly Top-Notch

At BDSWHATNEXT our aim has never been to earn money but to guide students to choose the right career path. Ourselves being BDS graduates coming from humble background truly understand the frustration a young graduate like you face post pursuing a daunting course such as that of dentistry. Thus considering this we have kept a very affordable price of just Rs 100 per student. More than the money it is the trust that you provide us which will make us successful.

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