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MPH Post BDS: Is serving the public your forte?

A lot of us after completing our graduation in dentistry find ourselves inclined towards the field of public health. Generating awareness , exploring the rural set up, meeting new people and visualising India in its true raw form- If that is what excites you , then maybe MPH could be your calling.

In this blog we shall delve deeper into the nuances of this post graduation course called as Master's of Public Health.

At we aspire to not only guide you to take the right course post completion of your graduation in dentistry, but also take it in our stride to make you aware of the future career and job prospects.

MPH stands for Masters in Public Health and essentially deals with the ins and outs of community well being and policy making for the masses. As a probable career prospect for dentists, BDS graduates can find the integration of their knowledge of healthcare practices and requirement of public at large for spreading awareness and also provide non invasive treatments to people residing in the remotest of areas.


As delineated by the Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Masters in Public Health is a 2 year full time program including internship and dissertation, which is open to not only dentists but graduates from other healthcare ,life-sciences and social sciences disciplines as well.

The course comprises of 15 core modules that ranges from 'Principle practice of Public Health ' to 'Law and Ethics in Public Health'

In addition to these core elective modules there are 4 elective streams offered according to the will and capacity of the universities offering MPH.

These are


2. Health System Management

3. Health Programme, Policy and Planning



1.Tata Institute of Social Sciences

TISS offers Masters in Public health under three specialisations

a. MPH(Health Administration) - Fees : 1,45,000

b. MPH(Health Policy, Economics and Finance - Fees : 1,39,000

c. MPH(Social Epidemiology) - Fees : 1,39,000

All the admissions to its post graduate courses in TISS are held by CUET.

2. Indian Institute of Public Health

IIPH are run by the Public Health Foundation of India in 5 states with

MPH being most popular in the Gandhinagar and Delhi branch. The degree is conferred by

Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research. The tuition fees for this 2 year rigorous

program is 2,40,000 and selection is done through application ,interview and Statement of



IIHMR offers MPH to healthcare professionals having experience in the public health

arena along in collaboration with the renouned John Hopkins University. The course

duration of 2 years but the fees( 18 lacs) is on the higher side as the degree

conferred is directly by the John Hopkins University.

4. National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences

NIMHANS offer 10 seats for MPH course 5 of which is reserved for sponsored candidates

from the government sector and 5 seats for the non sponsored candidates. the fees is 1.70

lakhs and is admissions are done purely on merit basis on the basis of an entrance test.


AIIMS Rishikesh offers MPH course to BDS graduates amongst other graduates belonging to the healthcare background . There are 15 seats out of which 2 are reserved. The

selection takes place through an online exam which has no negative marking. The

exam generally takes place in the month of January every year and the fees is

1 lakh 40 thousand for a period of 2 years.


As a postgraduate in Maters in Public Health , one can find jobs in the following sectors:

  1. Policy Makers / Consultants in Government of India and related ministries

  2. Epidemiologists/Staticians in corporate or research related companies

  3. Professors in dental college


Apart from pursuing MPH from Indian institutes, MPH remains a popular course for people who have done their graduation in dentistry and other healthcare disciplines and want to go abroad for further studies.

Public Health offers a lucrative career option and dental graduates generally find jobs in corporate field , educational sector and policy making institutions. Postgraduates in Public Health also sometimes opt for further doctoral studies to continue their education and find jobs in the academia.

It is imperative to understand that masters in public health is not just a career option but a responsiblity aimed at servig the masses at the grassroot level.

At we strive to guide you correctly so that you can make the correct choice post BDS.

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