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What is your Calling?

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

It was 6 months into internship when much of my enthusiasm had started to go down. Below is an excerpt from a conversation I was having with one of my friends :

Me: Yaar 6 maheene reh gye hai , smjh nhi aa rha kya karoon( Friend, only 6 months are left, cannot decide what to do)

She: Main toh MDS ki tayyari kar rhi hoon, Tu bhi karle( I am preparing for MDS,You also do the same)

Me: Hmm, Have you thought of any branch that interests you?

She: Not as of now...jismein bhi paisa ho aur kya?(Whichever branch gives money)

Me: I want to do something creative.

She:Par creativity mein paisa kahan hai?( Is there any money in creativity?

Me : Ye baat bhi shi hai!( This too is true)

Ask yourself what makes you come alive –Harold Thurman

As a dental student we often find ourselves pressured by the curriculm of dental education. Year after year our main aim remains to pass the semesters with good grades. In this eagerness we tend to overlook our own identity , calling and interests. By the time we reach internship , this interest , calling and identity starts to get subdued with the pressure of getting settled in life and becoming financially independent. It is thus important for one to identify their calling first. Once you identify what you really want from your future and your life only then you should proceed ahead. As the saying goes- if you do what you love then you will certainly love what you will do.

Money Vs Interest : The Eternal Dilemma

By the time one graduates from a dental college , he / she finds himself in the peak of their youth still unemployed and dependent on their old parents. It is a no brainer why earning money becomes the top priority for many students. In a bid to earn money fast they thus find themselves getting diverged from their core interest.

One needs to understand that money will follow only when you follow your dreams.

Get some gyan from Baba Ranchoddas himself in the video below:

With most of us coming from utterly humble background I reckon it is easier said than done. However nothing is impossible if one puts their grit and determination in the field of their choice.


This is where BDSWHATNEXT jumps in. At BDSWHATNEXT we understand your issues . With the little amount of time and money one can still opt for his choice of career post BDS and be successful. We take into accordance your constraints and make it your boat to sail through.

Just Follow the following steps and see the wide horizon of avenues that await you post doing your graduation in BDS.

  1. Go through the website and familiarise yourself.

  2. Read the Career Specific Blog to gain more information about your choice of career field.

  3. Select the appropriate program to seek personalised virtual guidance.

.Remember you are not alone in this journey. The fear of uncertainity that you are currently feeling has been felt by most of us. We have been there and sailed through it. So can you!

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