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What Next After BDS?

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Hi future dentists! Internship has started right? Phew!! finally the tiring 4 years of stress and hardwork has payed off. Those late night rote learning , group studies ,asking friends to get done with the mounting, viva pressure and getting patients for professional exam has finally shown colours. The time has come to relax and enjoy with friends. That little stipend that we are gaining is a token of hardwork that we have put in these 4 years. Isnt it? Well the below video is for all of you.

So now do you realise? It seems Aamir Khan aka DJ of Rang de Basanti had long before busted myths of life after graduation. As he rightly says ' college ke gate ke is taraf hum life ko nachate hai aue duji taraf life humein nachati hai' ~ On this side of the college gate it is us who make world/life dance to our tunes and on the other side it is world/life which makes us dance to its own tunes.

Hence it is imperative that we take action now so that we wont repent later.


Do you know there are 211 dental schools in India? That makes an approx of 21,100 dentists graduating from these dental schools each year in India, Provided the little regulation of dentistry as a practice that is currently present in India and the already established dental clinics, the current scenario for dental graduates is very pitiful.

Many of us join Dentistry in India when we were unable to take medicine as our first priority. While joining BDS, we as 18-19 year olds have very less information about the future career prospects in this field. At an age of 25-26 when we finally graduate , we find all our other friends in different fields well established in their respective lives. This causes frustration,anxiety and fear.

To resolve this issue BDSWHATNEXT was created. With an aim to provide you with right career direction post BDS , we here at BDSWHATNEXT will not only guide you but will also analyse your interests according to your budget and connect you with the correct preparatory organisations early during your graduation itself.

Opportunities don't happen you create them!

Remember the early you start exploring the more varied options you will get in order to identify yourself. Enjoying is fine but getting ready to face the outer world is more important.

Join us at BDSWHATNEXT for gaining all the recent updates about various career fields you as a dentist can pursue. Follow the page to get details about various job opening as well as how to prepare for them. Do not hesitate to subscribe to our services at a nominal price of just Rs 100 in case you want personalised guidance. Buy Now or Subscribe.

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