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Is Government Job = Success?

In India Success is often measured by one's ability to grab a government job. Post BDS , Does it hold true for dental graduates as well?

I still remember the day my aunt had qualified mains stage of what is considered India's premier, toughest and most dreaded exam-UPSC-CSE( drumrolls). There was a wave of festivity and celebration that ran throughout the household. With calls ringing and dadi aka grandmother runing with nazar na lage ka teeka (to save from jinx ) , the taste of victory was sweet indeed. However the battle wasnt yet completely won. It was her third attempt and interview stage remained unconquered.

As a BDS graduate one asks himself , after passing a national level exam like NEET -UG and having studied a strenous course such as dentistry, Is one still left with the time and energy to prepare and sit for such hard exams ? Is the stress worth the result? What is the success rate? etc etc

Dont worry. We have got you covered. In this blog we wont just talk about UPSC- CSE but various other exams as well for which a BDS graduate is eligible if not prepared to say the least.


I cannot believe ,as an Indian you are not already aware of this particular exam. In India UPSC-CSE is not just any other exam. UPSC-CSE is an emotion. It is a dream that many see and are made to see since childhood. Funnily enough sometimes UPSC -CSE becomes a medium of revenge for heartbroken lovers.( Background playing thukra ke mera pyar , mera inteqam dekhegi)

UPSC-CSE stands for Union Public Service Commission-Civil Services Examination. It is a national level examination conducted by the UPSC for recruitment to Civil Services of the Government of India. Various topranking posts such as IAS,IPS, IFS are recruited through this particular exam. UPSC conducts civil services examination rigorously in 3 stages.

Stage 1: Preliminary Exam

-Objective type

-Qualifying in nature


Stage 2: Mains Exam

-Subjective Type

-Merit Deciding

-Syllabus: GS1,GS2,GS3,GS4,Language Paper, Optional Subject Paper

Stage 3:Personality Exam

-Interview Stage

-Merit Deciding

-Personality, Communication and knowledge asessment of the camdidate

Through these 3 stages of the exam which takes atleast 1.5 years to get completed, UPSC finally recruits the creamiest of the creamiest candidates suitable for becoming officers.

Though Civil services might appear a very lucrative career option, one has to consider the extreme level of effort and dedication it requires in order to ultimately make it to the final list. As a BDS graduate if you are aiming to appear for the civil services exam as a serious candidate , it is of utmost importance that you start early.

At BDSWHATNEXT , if you choose to take up the General Govt Job Guidance from us, be rest assured of getting 2 steps ahead than what you could have done by your own self.We will not only guide you , but will tell you the real essence of the exam. We will also connect you with the right preparatory organisations so that you save time and study hard.

Exam #2 - State Public Service Commission Examination

If UPSC-CSE is the main Don of the story then consider State Public Service Commission Examination as it's right hand. State Public Service Commission conducts examination to recruit candidates for various government positions within a specific state in India. The pattern of the exam is generally the same ( might vary a little from state to state) but the difficulty level is slightly reduced. The questions are more factual as compared to UPSC-CSE, which are more conceptual in nature. Candidates who prepare well for UPSC -CSE do appear for State Public Service Commission Examinations.

Again as a BDS Graduate , preparing solely for state public service commision examination is not advisable as it will only limit your chances. However , there are preparatory organisations that deal with preparation of such competitive exams only. If one desires ,BDSWHATNEXT would try its best to make all the information regarding these examination specific to the state available to the aspirant.

"A government job isnt just a career ; its a commitment to serving the public and making a positive impact on society"

Exam #3 - PO Exams

Imagine treating patients for two and a half year in a dental college cum hospital. Fast forward you sit for an exam and boom! Now you are dealing with a queue of people inside a bank.

The exam that we are referring here is Probationary Officer Exam conducted by banks for banking recruitment in India. The exam is conducted in the following stages:

Stage 1: Preliminary Exam

             -Objective type

             -Screening Test

             -Syllabus:English Language,Quantitative Aptitide, Reasoning Ability

Stage 2: Mains Exam

              -Subjective + Objective Type

              -Merit Deciding

              -Syllabus: English Language(Writing),Quntitative Aptitude, Reasoning and Computer Aptitude, General Economy, Banking Awareness, Descriptive Paper(Writing)

Stage 3:Group Discussion and Personal Interview

              -Interview Stage

              -Merit Deciding

              -Personality, Communication and knowledge asessment of the camdidate

The information given above is generalistic in nature but when You will connect with us at BDSWHATNEXT we will provide you with details and guidance of specific exam notification provided by the respective bank.


There are a variety of government jobs avaliable for BDS graduates to appear and succeed at. BDSWHATNEXT has its aim to provide you with in depth details of these examinations incase you choose our career guidance services. But the question remains , is the return of investment that you have made in the BDS in terms of your youth, money and hardwork worth the outcomes of these exams? If yes you are determined to get through one of these examinations then we are the first ones to hold your hand and show you the right path.

Government Job :Success Rate Vs Happiness Rate

There is abolutely no doubt that seeking a government job in India is a sure shot gateway to stability and prestige in career as well as life. Despite the comaparitively lesser success rate seen amongst BDS graduates , we do have examples of candidates who right after BDS dived deep into the preparation and came out with flying colours . To name a few , We have Dr. Apala Mishra(IFS), Dr.Navjot Simi(IPS), Dr.Mudra Gairola(IAS) and who knows you can be the next dentist to follow this list.

However it is important to understand that success in these examination is not directly proportional to your happiness and overall contentment in your life. These are just examinations which do not dictate your life.

At BDSWHATNEXT we do not just give you guidance specific to exams but would like to guide you towards a better life.

If you liked the blog and you found it interesting enough , do not forget to share, comment and like below it.

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